Jazmin Goodwin
Bian Elkhatib
RaShaun Eshalomi
Phim Her
Melissa Young



Colorfy is a digital storytelling platform designed to cover stories of success and inspiration of people of color, by people of color, authentically and with integrity. Colorfy aims to combat the current representation of people of color in the media with positivity. Oftentimes coverage of people of color is followed with negativity and reinforcement of negative stigmas and stereotypes. We aim to capture the color and culture and success of the POC community beyond the lens.

Colorfy Team

Colorfy is founded by Jazmin Goodwin, a junior studying journalism and graphic design at Howard University. The rest of the Colorfy team consists of Phim Her, Bian Elkhatib, Melissa Young, RaShaun Eshalomi. Our team is committed to pushing positivity, purpose and passion into the community to spearhead dialogue and support of underrepresented stories, narratives and talents.

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